Current Prices

Standard lessons

1 hour lesson £25
1½ hour lesson £37

  Full Time Students 

1 hour  £24

 Block bookings

Ten hours Pre-paid *day of test free £240

 Pass Plus

Complete course ( min 6 hours) £150


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Prices and Lesson Length:

The price is always the first question we are asked, and the average price for a one hour driving lesson around the UK at the moment seems to be between £19 and £25.

Prices and Special Offers:

There are loads of these around – the daftest that I have come across is 4 lessons for £5!
Watch out for these though – the one above was actually 4 half hour lessons, and you had to take them all at once! 
If a lesson price is substantially cheaper than £18 an hour you should be very wary. Even with a small cheap car, the running costs per hour which an instructor has to bear will be anywhere from £7-£12 or more (car, insurance, advertising, training, fuel, phone, maintenance etc….you get the picture), so will they try to save a little on fuel by not letting you drive so far? Are they qualified? Why are they so desperate for work that they are so cheap?
Good offers are those that help both you and the instructor. My personal favourites are:

Paying in advance – this helps you by being cheaper, and helps me because you are less likely to cancel last minute because I already have your money. So reliable customers can save around 10% with me by doing this.

Remember that a good quality instructor will never be consistently cheap, but will often save you a lot of money in the long run:
40 hours at £22 will cost you £880
80 hours at £15 will cost you £1200
…..and take you twice as long to get through your test. It’s your choice.



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